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Elemental Analyzer


          ICP-OES Spectrometers


          XRF Spectrometers


          Mobile Metal Analyzers


          Stationary Metal Analyzers


          Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulphur Analyzers


          Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzers


          Thermal Analyzers

Sample Preparation


          Metallographic Cutting




          Grinding & Polishing


          High Volume Sample Preparation


          Sample Preparation For Electronics & Semiconductor




          Sample Preparation for Optical Emission Spectroscopy


          Sample Preparation for Xrf Spectroscopy


                    ➲ Press Machines

                    ➲ Fusion Machines

Metallographic Systems


Analytical microscopy for the research and quality control needs of the metals industries.

Certified Reference Materials


Highest quality certified reference materials produced by FLUXANA

Mechanical Properties Testing


The material testing machine division of Fuel Instruments and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (FIE Group) is a leading manufacturer of material testing machines. Worldwide, they offer testing machine solutions across a wide range of applications.

Metrology & 3D Laser Scanners


          Hand Tools and Measuring Systems


          Focus Laser Scanners


          Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner



          For XRF Liquid Analysis


          For Combustion Analyzers


          For Sample Preparation

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